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Hi I'm Sharlene!

Welcome To My Blog 

I'm a bubbly/fun Indian American brought up in sunny Southern California.
I have loved makeup since I was a toddler and always got caught with makeup all over my face! I'm also the baby of my family.

  When I was freelancing, clients asked me all the time about what blush, bronzer, lipstick, etc I would recommend.  This is the main reason why I started this blog and it was to help inform my readers about what I'm loving and currently using.

Thank you so much for getting to know me a little bit more. It's a big blogging community out there and....
I hope that you all will go through this journey with me.

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For business contact/inquiries only, please contact me at MUBYSHARLENE@gmail.com

xoxo, Sharlene. 

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