Friday, November 20, 2015

How To Organize Your Everyday Makeup

Do you get overwhelmed by your makeup collection?
What if you're very busy like me & need your makeup on quick?
I've got an easy and affordable way to organize your everyday makeup

 I took 2 of these 2 drawer cases and stacked them on top of each other

Each individual drawer was organized by my makeup application
You can organize your makeup however you want
This is just how my OCD mind works =)

Inside my first, top drawer are my face powders, highlighters

My second drawer houses my contour powders, bronzers, a concealer

The next drawer contains a few of my favorite blushes.

Finally, my last drawer
A few eye shadows, liners, mascara, brow products, lash glue, and primer
I also keep a pair of falsies, a tweezer, and 2 lip pencils for lipstick/stain

Now every month or so I switch out different products to keep me happy
This gives me a chance to use most of my makeup that's hidden in my storage
I need to do my makeup fast in the morning and this method helps a lot

How do you store your makeup?


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